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Almost as 'Retro' as this years first team squad, the Saturday Scorcher is back. Last years lucky winner took home £300 with the same amount donated to the Junior section.

This years format has been updated by popular request.

How to play?

1. Select a column 1 to 50, for £2 per week/per column (all entries via the email link below or on the sheet in the Clubhouse - any duplicates will be given the nearest column)

     (preference is for entries to be for 5 weeks = £10 so money collection is easier - club cards cannot be used as per 2016)

2. Wait for the scores of our First, Second and Third teams to be announced on a Saturday (our team only)

3. Add them up and if the total matches a number in your column you have won

4. The winner will recieve half of the weeks entry fees and the rest will be donated to the Junior Cricket section


1. No pay no win

2. If only 1 team plays then the week is void and entries carry over

3. If a match starts and is rained off then any runs scored by Urmston still count. If Urmston were yet to bat and the match started then the total runs is 0 and this counts as a match in the one of three

4. No winner then the winnings roll over to the next week

5. Other rules to be determined by the Cricket Chairman as and when required 

This weeks latest below:

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